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Our services by med shop


Rx CBD Shop® provides a simple, discreet, and affordable alternative to traditional pharmacies and other pricey online retail pharmacy services. We enable patients with mobility challenges, limited access to excellent treatment, and privacy concerns to have their drugs safely delivered to their door, without the hassle and time constraint of visiting a doctor’s office. For shipping medication for personal use, our pharmacy strictly adheres to FDA regulations. You will only be given products that have been approved. Your medication will be billed to your credit card or, if we receive your bitcoin payment, we will mail your order to the address you provided. If you want to help, any recommendations you receive will be free of charge. Our straightforward, step-by-step ordering method makes it simple, safe, and inexpensive to acquire and receive medication without leaving the comfort of your own home. We see ourselves as a fresh alternative to traditional health care and regular medical exams. As a result, we recommend you to notify your doctor if you use any new drug so that your doctor can monitor your medical aid.


Care is everywhere, and so is Rx CBD Shop®. Our health care solutions across the continuum of care help suppliers work more efficiently, patients live healthier lives, and health care systems work smarter. This is critical.


In order to help you reduce costs and get insight over your implantable, devices, and prescription medications, we craft complex solutions to your specifications. We have a tendency to extra help you bring product to market, meticulously optimizing how they’re used and sold along the way. We offer extensive industry experience and understanding with over 4,000 manufacturers and suppliers.


As an independent retail pharmacist, you devote a lot of time and energy to promoting the health of individuals and their families. We at Rx CBD Shop® provide critical services to assist your independent retail pharmacy in achieving that goal every day. With a reliable and highly regulated supply chain, expert advising, and patient solutions that increase adherence, we help you navigate the constantly shifting market and promote awareness in your neighborhood.


We have a tendency to help you maintain your competitiveness in a changing market, regardless of the size or location of your firm. With our logistics solutions for a developing pharmaceutical industry, you’ll get the product you want thanks to our safe, dependable, and highly controlled supply chain network. Additionally, our cutting-edge freight management systems give you access to flexible back-end pharmacy management solutions, enabling you to track your medications and consistently validate their safety and compliance. We typically produce smart, sensible decisions that are appropriate for your pharmacy, irrespective or not you’re looking for a pre-made solution or a highly personalized strategy. That is vital.

Cold Packagiing


To meet regional, environmental, and transportation needs, we offer a variety of cutting-edge pharmaceutical cold chain packaging and retail pharmacy services to pharmacies. In order to ensure patient safety, Rx CBD Shop® is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the supply chain uncompromised. Because of this, we are a leader in the supply of chilled pharmaceuticals. Our refrigerated totes and state-change panels help ensure that the chilled prescription pharmaceuticals you receive are transported in a manner that maintains their storage temperatures within the specified ranges. The product return will be handled safely by using the same container and panels.

Drone delivery


MORE SUPPORT. We will assist you in lowering your shipping costs whether you use UPS, FedEx, or a same-day courier service. We manage around 19 million parcels per year*, and as a result of our size, we are able to provide lower shipping prices than you could negotiate on your own. Furthermore, when it comes to outbound shipments, we are here to advise you on the simplest way to ship so that you can make the most cost-effective decision without sacrificing delivery time. Experience account management with personalized client care. This means no long hold times and a commitment to rapidly resolving shipping concerns so you can focus on patient care.

Not yet a patient of Rx CBD Shop®? No issue. No matter who your distribution partner is, we can assist. swiftly unhindered Private air delivery that is discrete With our one-hour VIP accelerated stealth

DRONE DELIVERY, for your quick personal air route delivery Specials, you get precise stealth drone delivery to any place of your choice within the hour, or else cancel and get a full refund-a refund is always guaranteed!: $190.00 Transportation of medical supplies by drone to our valued customers in their private sky has never been so quick or simple thanks to our faster, incredibly intelligent business stealth health care creative swift discrete. Since we are a leader in this industry and not all big health care suppliers offer such handy services, it is an honor for us to offer our beloved clientele this quick and easy delivery method.

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Terms and Conditions​

100% Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed on All of Our High-End, Top-Quality Products at Rx CBD Shop® because we believe that the customer is always right. We will gladly either re-ship it or give you a full refund if for any reason you aren’t completely pleased with our products and services. However, the conditions are as follows : Shipping claims are not covered by the full refund guarantee. We will reship any orders that UPS, FedEx, EMS, or DHL damage or lose. Before placing a new purchase or issuing a refund, we reserve the right to require that you return the initial order at our expense. The maximum refund allowed per order or customer is $2500. The only solution for difficulties with orders over $2500 is to re-purchase the order to repair product flaws in accordance with our terms and conditions. We are always willing to cooperate with purchases of any quantity in order to protect ourselves against any fraudulent claims. This guarantee is restricted to re-ordering the original order quantity or a refund of the order’s purchase price. We are not liable for any damages or claims suffered by you or your business as a result of receiving products that are defective or unfinished, or that arrive after the scheduled delivery date. This warranty does not cover postal service or postage costs, or any incidental or consequential losses or claims that may be related to them. As stated in our terms and conditions, Rx CBD Shop® is not responsible for mistakes made by the U.S. Postal Service, including loss or delay.

Satisfaction guarantee for life

We will offer a full refund or credit your credit card for the amount you paid for the course or courses if you return the item with a note explaining why you are dissatisfied with the purchase.

Tracking and delivery evidence

When your package is delivered, you can track its progress online and receive free SMS and/or email notifications to keep you updated.


Prior to approving your proof, you may always cancel your order free of charge. Once your evidence has been accepted, the balance is due. You can send us a corrected order if there are issues with your initial order, or you can request up to two rounds of minor modifications, which we will perform at no extra cost. It’s possible to pay extra for extensive revisions and/or additional items. Naturally, there is never a fee for any adjustments that are necessary as a result of mistakes we made when processing your purchase in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Is there restitution for losses, harm, or delays?

We will fully reimburse you if your package is not delivered by 8 a.m. or 1 p.m. the following business day. Rx CBD Shop® pharmacy Special Delivery Guaranteed by 8 a.m. has an inclusive compensation cover of $50 while Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1 p.m. has an inclusive compensation cover of $500 to safeguard against loss or damage. You have the option to enhance your coverage up to a value of $2,500 with both services. Additionally, tier-based consequential loss coverage is available for up to $10,000.


We agree to maintain the confidentiality, safekeeping, and protection of confidential information contained in your mailing list, whether rented from Rx CBD Shop

Liability Restrictions

If you utilize our mailing services, which include renting mailing lists, you assume all risk of incidental or consequential losses. Neither Rx CBD Shop® nor any third-party vendor will ever be held responsible.

Fees for Customs, Duties, and Taxes

Any taxes, tariffs, or customs fees that may be imposed by your local, state, or federal government or by the shipping carrier are your responsibility.

Fees for Currency Conversion

Your credit card bank’s rates, as well as transaction and commission costs from your bank, will determine your actual order cost.

Taxes and duties for customers.

The customer is responsible for understanding which items on Acutemedicals.com can be legally imported into his or her designated country and what taxes may apply because we are based only in the United States. Any order that is delivered to a nation outside of the USA may be charged import taxes and customs duties by that nation. Any charges incurred for an international shipment are the responsibility of the order’s recipient. Rx CBD Shop has no influence over any fees levied by any nation. For any and all information pertaining to your nation’s import regulations, we advise contacting your neighborhood customs office.